Since our establishment, We has been rapidly developing, improving and expanding our services to meet the growing demands and expectations from our Clients and/or partners. From our core competency in providing geotechnical consultancy services, we are now able to offer our Clients and/or partners comprehensive design consultancy, site supervision, project management and general investment consultancy in a wide spectrum of different construction related industries covering infrastructure, transportation, port, irrigation, civil, commercial, residential and industrial type Projects.

Our services are highly sought after and appreciated by our Clients and/or partners as we are able to consistently maintain and delivery the required very high standard of quality in a timely manner whilst being cost competitive.

We are able to achieve this due to our ability to retain our key assets which are our PEOPLE and our continual investments in our high-tech, modernized equipment. Our people are highly qualified experts and engineers having many years working experienced in a wide variety of Projects, who were trained from renowned institutions within Vietnam as well as overseas institutions. These are the conditions which have allowed we to provide qualified services which meet both the Vietnamese and International standards.
In the field of construction consultancy, We goal to become the preferred first choice for all our Clients and/or partners by providing full-package solution and offering assistance to all their Project requirements not only domestically within Vietnam but around the South East Asia region.

GEOSAT Portfolio, view on: Scribd | Slideshare

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  +842835531145 | +84979500066
  150/30 Truc Street, 13 Ward, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

GEOSAT Portfolio, view on: Scribd | Slideshare

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