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Laboratory for construction and environment

Laboratory are large-scale invested, which enables to implement physical and mechanical properties of soil such as particle size, moisture content, wet density, specific gravity, Atterberg limits and unconfined compression, consolidation, direct shear test (φ, c), standard proctor compaction tests and CBR,... and triaxial tests such as unconfined  compression (UC) unconsolidated - undrained (UU) , consolidated - undrained (CU) and triaxial consolidate - drained (CD).


In-situ testing

Standard penetration test (SPT):

To define strata boundaries, cohesive soil state, and cohesionless soil density.

Cone penetration test with porewater pressure management (CPTu):

Its equipment of Geomil – Netherlands can classify soils, define soil load capacity, point resistant (qc), Sleeve friction (fs), pore Pressure (u). Thereby calculating indirect parameters undrained shear strength (Su), dissipation of pore water pressure and horizontal coefficient of consolidation (Ch).


Geotechnical instrumentation & monitoring

During construction phases, geotechnical monitoring is one of indispensable items attend to monitor status of stress and deformation in construction.

Whereby, it assists consultants and owners in adjusting the construction schedule and achieving the coherence requirement time in order to commence next construction items. However, depending on each specific type of project and different phases of construction, it can be applied to different types of monitoring and inspection.

Topographic survey

To serve the design works, planning map such as topographic mapping; horizontal and vertical cross section survey, define national coordinate. Besides, our company also complements the topography survey to serve construction works such as locating landmark, boundaries, height transmission, navigation, calculating the volume of excavation and embankment, backfilling. The using equipments are the Leica productions, which were imported from Switzerland and being the newest model in the market. The electric total station – Leica Viva TS15 PR1000 has the high precision as 0.1'' angle measurement error, 1mm edge measurement error.


Survey and assessment of buildings and constructions

Implementing the measurement and reconstitute of shape and structure of existing buildings to evaluate quality and value of buildings, monitor the stability of the adjacent buildings near the site and contiguous area; or support the improvement and renovation works…. It also can be applied for bridges, roads, residential, industrial buildings and other infrastructure projects.

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