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Scope of activities

Laboratory for construction and environment

Laboratory are large-scale invested, which enables to implement physical and mechanical properties of soil such as particle size, moisture content, wet density, specific gravity, Atterberg limits and unconfined compression, consolidation, direct shear test (φ, c), standard proctor compaction tests and CBR,... and triaxial tests such as unconfined  compression (UC) unconsolidated - undrained (UU) , consolidated - undrained (CU) and triaxial consolidate - drained (CD).


To perform consolidation and triaxial tests, we invested into an automatic Central Data Acquisition System (CDAS), which allows us to measure and record data of multiple  samples at the same time continuously, which manual measurement cannot do. The system is connected to the full automatic triaxial equipment made by Humboltd – USA.

1. Construction material tests

Being implemented during construction period, this test applies to many kinds of construction projects such as: bridges, roads, airport roads, residential, industrial buildings...

The testing samples are taken from back-filling materials, construction materials and material to improve soil condition.

Testing norms are: water indicator, soil, sand, rock, cement, concrete, plastic, plastic concrete, construction steel,...

2. Construction quality tests 

Testing works could be complemented to check quality of construction by determination of the load capacity and deformation of the road-bed as measurement of stiffness (K), deformation module (E), deflections,...

3. Pile load test 

Being implemented during the foundation construction period, the laboratory tests are with purposes to verify design works, to inspect the quality of the construction and estimate the actual loading capacity of the foundation structure. Our company invested and earned a lot of experiences in many testing activities such as:

  • Pile load test
  • Osterberg cell load testing (O-cell)
  • Pile integrity test (PIT)
  • Pile dynamic analysis (PDA)
  • Cross-hole sonic test
  • Pile stress and strain measurements
  • Koden test
  • Concrete core drilling
  • Structure load capacity by using ultrasonic method combined with concrete test hammer.

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