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Scope of activities

Topographic survey

To serve the design works, planning map such as topographic mapping; horizontal and vertical cross section survey, define national coordinate. Besides, our company also complements the topography survey to serve construction works such as locating landmark, boundaries, height transmission, navigation, calculating the volume of excavation and embankment, backfilling. The using equipments are the Leica productions, which were imported from Switzerland and being the newest model in the market. The electric total station – Leica Viva TS15 PR1000 has the high precision as 0.1'' angle measurement error, 1mm edge measurement error.


 It can start the automatic mirror finder function by itself or use the remote controller Leica Viva SC10. The equipment should be used for project with high accuracy requirements, or to perform the displacement monitoring. In addition, company also has the DGPS meter equipment, the total station Leica TS06 5''; Leica TCR905; leveling machine Leica NA2 and Leica NA720 to serve the works of topography survey and geotechnical monitoring.

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