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Scope of activities

Geotechnical instrumentation & monitoring

During construction phases, geotechnical monitoring is one of indispensable items attend to monitor status of stress and deformation in construction.

Whereby, it assists consultants and owners in adjusting the construction schedule and achieving the coherence requirement time in order to commence next construction items. However, depending on each specific type of project and different phases of construction, it can be applied to different types of monitoring and inspection.

Regarding soil improvement tasks

It includes the deformation monitoring such as surface settlement, monitoring of settlement at difference deep levels, horizontal displacement monitoring by picket or  inclinometer tube; monitoring of stress such as the total pressure measurement, pore water pressure and groundwater level to assess the stability of the ground, settlement and consolidation levels, effect of soil improvement over time.

The retaining walls, slope roof, diaphragm walls, excavation, tunneling

Need to monitor some deformed items in diaphragm walls by using settlement benchmarks, inclinometer tube, measurement of deep subsidence, monitoring rifts or monitoring pressure on walls by determining total pressure, pore water pressure, groundwater levels, pressure on the anchor rope or beams, struts are needed.

Buildings under construction

Need to investigate settlement, tilt of construction, and settlement underneath neighbor buildings. Pressure meter is also needed to apply to test piles. In addition, the pressure monitoring and deflection monitoring of long beams or slaps also need to be concerned.

Automatic 3D deformation monitoring system

This is the most advanced technology equipment at present, in combination with the total station Leica Viva TS15, remote system TPS – control and data analysis software GOCA from the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe (HsKA) – Germany. It serves to monitor construction deformation within schedule and provide monitoring results quickly.

Monitoring system allows the engineer to gather monitoring data from anywhere through mobile phone signal or internet signal, as well as to alert early in case of incident by sound and light alarm, at the same time to send sms and emails to engineers and project managers via mobile phone signal or internet.


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