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Scope of activities

Soil investigation - Topographic survey - Instrumentation - Monitoring

Geotechnical Investigation aims to determine stratigraphy, subsurface structure, tectonic evolution; physical, mechanical, and hydraulic soil properties to supporting for  foundation design and construction, assessment and treatment of geological phenomena such as such as land subsidence, landslide, collapse,...

This is one of our main services in terms of company capacity for implement diverse projects, to reach all of testing norms of geotechnical investigation and hydrogeology.

Equipment applying to our soil investigation was imported from the leading manufacturers in market such as APAGEO (France), Humboltd (USA), Slope Indicator, Geokon (USA), Geonor (Norway), GeoMil (Netherlands)…, which satisfy not only the requirements of Vietnamese standards (TCVN), but also international standards as ASTM, BS, or ASSHATO.

In addition, we also focus on improving our engineer resources by sponsoring them to graduated master degree in worldwide well-known universities, in order to commit high standards of Geotechnical Engineering Field for embankments and dams, slope stability, dams, hydropower plants and road bridges, irrigation structures, high-rise buildings, industrial structure, civil and infrastructure projects.

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